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Sales Agent KuSeRa Germany

Sales Agent

Let sell their articles written by experts

You have something to sell, do not know how or at what price, contact us, we will help you to sell your items at the best prices .

Draw from our long experience and let us experts offer your article for you / sell.

Kusera help you in selling your antiques, cameras, lenses, binoculars, microscopes, porcelain, glass, crystal, silver, jewelry, watches, paintings, art in general, collectibles, posters, billboards, writing implements and utensils of all kinds

Kusera sold to its own, ebay and amazon
, we also work with auction houses worldwide together, so that we achieve the best possible selling price for you.

Sales commission will depending on the effort and the selected sales platform calculated ( negotiated ) .

At a sale price of € 50.00 are no additional fees. If the sales price at € 50.00 or the item will not be sold, we collect an additional fee of € 5.00 per item,
no matter how long the item is set to.


The sale over KuSeRa estimates / evaluation of products are free.

And so it goes : they contact us to arrange an appointment, we will review your article and discuss with you at what price and where they are offered, all contractual terms are set out in a written commission agreement.

And here listening for you on the work that we do everything else for you.


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