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Very wide range of offers from KuSeRa

KuSeRa 's wide range includes many interesting things from vergangenden times, collectibles, antiques, analogue cameras with accessories, music, posters, porcelain, glass and crystal, furniture, paintings, silver 925 jewelry, timepieces, watches, toys, HiFi , writing instruments, pens, ball pens, fossils, minerals, gourmet items, photographs, everyday objects, art, decorative pieces, vintage / design and museum pieces from all eras of the history of style.

Our products sourced from housing, - collection, - business resolutions as from estates (inheritance) and sell orders (sales agent) Private, - and / or business customers.

In addition to good as new commodities from the "good old days" it always is used goods and products, all appropriate storage or having more or less through the use of your age or wear.

Our products are, unless otherwise stated, tested prior to setting and optionally purified.

For inquiries of any kind, we are happy to help you.

KuSeRa - online Antikmarkt